Somdej Phrachao Taksin Maharat Shrine, Tak
January 27, 2019 06:00.

Register Closed January 15, 2019

November 5, 2018 : Registration is open for all the distances
January 15, 2019 : Registration is closed or until all seats are reserved
After the first Taksin 10 mini marathon charity achieves success, the second is subsequently held. While the first event aimed at giving the money to support Takpittayakhom School, other schools, hospitals and temples, the second is to support King Taksin Hospital “run for King Taksin”. It is the occasion for 250th anniversary of King Taksin the Great who has been the soul of Tak people and nation. The association of organizer hopes to encourage Tak people to attend social activity and contribute to hospital, school, and temple activities as well as promoting social economy of Tak province. The second run/walk Taksin 10 marathon charity is one of the activities improving physical health for those who love staying fit and healthy. This event has involved collaboration with northern people and people of every parts of Thailand. It intends to give people opportunities to meet each other and become marathon runners. It does not only promote unity among people, but also make people who have different careers participate in run/walk marathon and know each other. The revenue derived from the marathon will be used for supporting King Taksin Hospital, Takpittayakhom School, other different schools, temples, communities and public charities.
Entry Fees
  • 5KM
  • 10KM
  • VIP
  • 500 THB
  • 550 THB
  • 500 THB
  • 1,500 THB
  • 3,000 THB
Entry Fee inclusive of
  1. Race tee and bib
  2. Commemorative Medal
  3. Water, Energy drink and fruit station; every 2 km
  4. Food and refreshment stations will be located after the Finish line
Saturday 26 January 2019 ~ Race Kit & Bib Collections
13.00 - 18.00 Venue ~ Somdej Phrachao Taksin Maharat Shrine
Sunday 27 January 2019 ~ Race Day
Venue ~ Somdej Phrachao Taksin Maharat Shrine
05:00 AM - 6:00 AM Left-luggage time
06:00 AM Start time for 10.5 km distance
06:15 AM Start time for 5 km distance (race time: 1 hour)
06:30 AM Start time for fancy 1 km distance
  1. Register via
  2. Name and details of participant can be modified on the website within restricted time. Fee (THB 100) applies.
  3. Entry is non refundable
Terms and Conditions
  1. Entrants must be a minimum of 13 years of age to enter the race
  2. For your own safety, all children under 12 must registered along with their guardian
  3. Anyone can enter the event
Race Kit
Race Male Female
10.5KMUnder 18 yrs.Under 18 yrs.
18 to 29 yrs.18 to 29 yrs.
30 to 39 yrs.30 to 39 yrs.
40 to 49 yrs.40 to 49 yrs.
50 to 59 yrs.50 to 59 yrs.
Over 60 yrs.Over 60 yrs.
5 kmOverallOverall
Fancy 2.5 kmOverallOverall
Winners must present either of these to the event organizer in order to retrieve the award
  1. ID card
  2. Driver License
  3. Government Card
  4. Student/University Card
  5. Passport
Customer Service : 092~979~8287